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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Bahhumbug A Tale of Two Car Parks!

Famous Author Charles Dickens
Gavin Waite is Thanet Council’s Director of Operational Services. He’s in charge of refuse collection, street cleaning, grounds maintenance, ports and harbours and crematoria services. He gets paid somewhere in the region of £90,000 per year for this job and is reported to  spend 4 days per week in Thanet and 3 days per week ooopp Norf  where I come from.

Mr Waite is also the TDC Director responsible for proposing and steering through the recent  massive increases  in car parking fees in Thanet and the development of plans for new on and off street parking scheme which are likely to sweep across Thanet in coming months. Many people have argued that the astronomic increase in parking fees and the proposals for an  unprecedented expansion of new parking schemes across Thanet  amounts to an unjustified and unfair stealth tax.
According to Mr Waite’s Linkedin profile he was educated in Beverley a beautiful Yorkshire market town which I know well and have visited many times. Beverly also has, in common with Thanet, links with Charles Dickens who is said to have modelled Ebenezer Scrooge on a character he encountered on a visit to the Beverly area. Inspired by the Charles Dickens/  Ebenezer Scrooge/ Gavin Waite links between Thanet and Beverly I thought it might be interesting to find out whether Thanet and Beverly have similar parking fees. Here’s what I found out.
Council Director Waite  
Dickens Character Scrooge  


I'll let you decide who is the car parking scrooge. Beverley council or  Thanet District Council. I think the tables make the answer clear. Bahhumbug fuckers!  

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